Welcome to Jungle Base Camp at Bardia National park, the largest nature reserve in lowland Terai region of Nepal Bardia is widely acknowledged as the best place in Asia to see a fantastic range of wildlife including Gangetic freshwater dolphins, Royal Bengal Tigers, rhinos, wild elephants, crocodiles and over 400 species of birds. It is maybe the only place in the world where you can see freshwater dolphins and tigers, in their natural habitat, on the same day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jungle Base Camp, Activities Rates

   Jungle Base Camp  can organise a wide range  of  activitise for your stay in Bardia including:
        *  Briefing on  Bardia National Park:
                 The largest National park in the lowland terai region of Nepal(covering an areaof 986 sq km)
        *  Village visit:    us $ 7 per person
                 The tharu village  where you can see them hous, culture, life stayal and you can try local drinks, food.
        *  Full day's jungle walk:  us $ 35 per person
                 starting your walk at 6 am after breakfast, you head deep into the jungle for your full day's jungle trek.
        *  Elephant ride: us $ 25 per hour
                 you are  deep jungle on the Elephant  you have a good chance to see intrsting Animal.
        *  Rafting: us $ 40 per person
                 A popular choicei the one day wildlife raft in the Karnali river in side the National park  trip it  gives you very good chances to see Gangetic Dolphin, mugger and                   Gharial crocodiles, water birds and great way to fish.
        *   Birdwatching:  us $  8 per person
                   The program is to see vriety of birds starting your walk at 6 am after breakfast.
         *   Camping: us $ 65 per person
                   Camping in the forest around acampfire get achance toexperience the jungle at first hand.
         *    Jeep safari: us $ 45 per person
                   jeep safari also popular choice  you will cavar big part of  National park:
          *   Culture  dance program: us $ 15 per person
                    A tharu culture dance make you enjoying with lacal tharu people which coming for dance.
          *    Black buck sightseeing trip: us $ 25 per person
                  To see the black buck  we  have to go out side National park it  is 35 km far from lodge
             please note:- Rafting and Jeep safari if you are more then 3 pperson prices is less:                 
             our  room prices  5 to 14 us $

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